New Writing Night – March 2016 (Showcase Award Shortlist)

Bruised by Hannah Puddefoot

Directed by George Islay-Calderwood

Emma – Lisa Ronaghan

Mike – Dan Burman


Cailleach Og by Gerald Moynihan

Directed by Jo Greaves

Cailleach Óg – Jo Greaves

Màire Mí Dhomhnaill – Natasha Colenso


Maybe God is Michael by Karen Bartholomew

Directed by Stephen Bailey

Paul – Robert Daoust

Helen – Hilary Buss

Vicar – Koullis Kyriacou


Parents by Dan Weatherer

Directed by Tutku Barbaros

Gilly – Daniel Garcia

Tom – Tom Slatter

Steff – Abigail Morgan

Marianna – Natasha Colenso


The Unexpected Guest by Rosie Marsh

Directed by Ellie Pitkin

Hannah – Angela Ferns

Sally – Emily Rae


Photos by Richard Stratton.


The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 14

On this week’s Blackshaw Arts Hour, Iasha is joined in the studio by Matt Boothman and new radio voice, Helen Johnson.

Matt kicks off the show with his review of Avengers – Age of Ultron and Vikki helps us discuss the BBC Proms series in this week’s edition of Arts Thing of the Week.

With the opening of Richard Stratton’s adaptation of Alice in Wonderland this coming Saturday (May the 2nd) we played The Walrus and The Carpenter read by Alexander Pankhurst, and then heard an interview with the show’s Costume and Set Designer, Zahra Mansouri.

We heard an untitled poem by resident poet Daisy Thurston-Gent and finished the show off with our Alice in Wonderland audio trailer.

Happy listening!


New Writing Night – March 2015 – The Showcase Shortlist

The 4 pieces performed at this New Writing Night were shortlisted for Blackshaw’s Showcase Award 2015.

Sleeping Dogs

Written by Lisa Lawrence

Directed by Kat Roberts

Ben— George Collie

Anna— Rose Turner

Jack— Stanley Eldridge

Annette— Diana Brooks



Written by Nick Cheesman

Directed by Matt Beresford

Sheri— Janie Shepherd

Nigel— Richard Zanik


Call it Even

Written by Naila Vazquez Tantinya

Directed by Marcus Bazley

Jamie— Jonathan Cobb

Macarena— Eden Avital Alexander


The Meeting

Written by Michael Halliday

Directed by Stephen Bailey

God— Isaiah Ellis

Muse— Freya Evans

Fate— Caitlin McMillan

Demon— Charlie Woodward

Administrator— Colson Dorafshar


Photos by Richard Stratton


5 Minutes with Bryony Tebbutt

Bryony Tebbutt, who’s playing Vic in ‘Fetch’ as a part of our Halloween Tales production, spent a few minutes answering some questions for us.

Bryony Tebbutt, actor playing Vic in 'Fetch'
Bryony Tebbutt, actor playing Vic in ‘Fetch’

What’s your favourite past production that you’ve worked on?

Romeo&Juliet with Antic Disposition, we toured the South of France for two weeks. Sun, storms and Shakespeare, beautiful!

What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

I adored Warhorse at the National.

What’s your favourite horror movie?


What scares you silly?

Big spiders!!!

You’re going to a Halloween Party, what are you dressing up as?

A decaying fairy, an evil green witch, a headless ghoul. Always something scary!

Have you ever had a spooky experience?

Several, lots of ghost stories in my family. (ed. Bryony also told us that the women in her family can see ghosts and her grandparents used to live in a haunted house!)

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Tea+Digestive biscuits, seriously, packets by the whole!

You can catch Bryony as Vic in ‘Fetch’ by Duncan Gates on 30th, 31st October and 1st November. Get your discounted advance tickets now!

5 Minutes with Rosie Marsh

The lovely Rosie Marsh, who’s playing Ally in Fetch, gave us 5 minutes of her valuable line-learning time to answer our questions.

Rosie Marsh, playing Ally in 'Fetch'
Rosie Marsh, playing Ally in ‘Fetch’

What do you like best about your character?

I think she’s hilarious. She’s not a bad person but she has let life make her bitter, and as a result she’s developed an incredibly sarky, quick persona with some brilliant one-liners. The nasty ones are always the most fun to play.

What’s your favourite past production that you’ve worked on?

Aah, really tough one! Probably for the overall experience, my first Edinburgh experience with the play I co-wrote, ‘twenty something.’ our whole cast were all mates, we were there for a whole month and we had an absolute blast. It wasn’t what most would deem ‘high theatre’ but I loved every minute of it.

What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

Stop asking tough questions! Too difficult to say, but my favourite recent play was ‘King Charles III’; brilliantly written, funny and thought provoking, everything I like in a play.

What’s your favourite horror movie?

I hate horror movies. But I loved Hocus Pocus- that counts, right? (Blackshaw says: “It totally does”)

What scares you silly?

My own imagination.

You’re going to a Halloween Party, what are you dressing up as?

Im quite good at stage makeup so i like to crack out a zombie at a party; I like that you can go for a few looks with a zombie; zombie princess, zombie firewoman, zombie farmer….you get the idea.

Have you ever had a spooky experience?

Yes. I was lying in bed in our old house in Exeter, just about to turn the light off via the cord above the bed, when someone whispered in my ear ‘are you going to turn out the light?’ I screamed blue murder, and I maintain to this day that that happened!

Not a lot of people know that…

I find spiders so scary I will cry if you bring one too close to me.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I do love a bit of TOWIE. judge me all you want.

What really grinds your gears?

People eating too loudly. Or eating on the radio. Why?!? It’s disgusting!

Don’t miss Rosie in Fetch as a part of our Halloween Tales on 30th, 31st October and 1st November. Tickets are still available, but not for long.

How to make…a smoking jacket!

Michelle Bristow, our talented Set & Costume designer for Halloween Tales has done a wee photo blog of one of the makes – a smoking jacket.  To see it in action 30th Oct-1st Nov, buy a ticket!

5 Minutes with Ellie Pitkin

Ellie Pitkin, Director of Halloween Tales
Ellie Pitkin, Director of Halloween Tales

Managing and Artistic Director of Blackshaw and Director of Fetch, Ellie Pitkin, lets us grill her for 5 minutes.

Why did you pick Fetch for Halloween Tales?

Duncan initially sent us the play to consider for Wandsworth Arts Festival – we totally loved it but couldn’t find space for it in our WAFF program.  I was really drawn to the effective simplicity of the concept – a chilling story with 3 actors and 1 location – a director’s dream! Halloween Tales is a great way to present a cracking short thriller like Fetch.

What’s your favourite past production that you’ve worked on?

Ooh that’s a tough one – I’ll have to cheat and choose two… Audience with the Ghost Finder because it was such a joy to work with two talented actors on a fun, quick paced, and spooky script – fab opportunities to play with space and physicality.  And  Gormenghast: Titus Groan because it was such an achievement – our own adaptation of a classic novel, with an 18-strong cast.

 What’s the best show you’ve ever been to?

I think Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein is up there for me, and I’ve found Matilda pretty inspirational too – what they have in common is a beautiful synthesis of design and performance – and some really innovative staging techniques (I’m always looking to pick and steal little tricks from other productions).

What’s your favourite horror movie?

I’m a bit of a thrill junkie, and will watch any old tat – I’m particularly scared of little girl ghosts, but love anything with a spooky backstory.  My favourite of those I’ve seen recently is ‘Insidious’.

What scares you silly?


You’re going to a Halloween Party, what are you dressing up as?

A zombie!  I’ve got some excellent prosthetics which I haven’t had a chance to use yet.  Just not sure what type of zombie to go as…

Have you ever had a spooky experience?

I don’t really believe in ghosts, but I did scare myself silly recently – I was staying in a big manor house over the summer, everyone else went out, and I was all by myself in this vast place. I was just settling down to a DVD when I heard a regular thumping coming from upstairs. It sounded like a door being slammed over and over.  I tiptoed upstairs, with my finger hovering over the emergency call button on my phone.  As I approached the top of the stairs, the noise got louder, and louder.  SLAM, creak, SLAM.  As I got to the landing, I could see that the bathroom door was swinging open (creak), then slamming shut.  I thought it must just be a draught, and ventured into the bathroom.  Sure enough, the window was open a crack. I closed the window, walked out of the bathroom…creak, SLAM.  I turned around, the door had slammed itself shut again.  Well, it’s probably on a slope or something, so it naturally falls shut, and I could see the handle was fully engaged with the door frame, it was shut for good.  I turn again to walk down the stairs…creeeaaaak…I whip around, and the door is slowly inching open again.  I ran back downstairs.

Not a lot of people know that…

By day, I work as a financial administrator *spreadsheet high five*.

What’s your guilty pleasure?


What really grinds your gears?

Slow walkers and inefficiency.

You can see the fruits of Ellie’s directorial labours on 30th, 31st October and 1st November. Get your tickets now.