The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 42

This week on The Blackshaw Arts Hour, Iasha is joined by Matt and Vikki in the studio.

Matt review The Nice Guys starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling and we discuss what other movies are out there where the lead characters don’t actually “learn anything”.
We here a piece of new writing by Rosie Marsh called An Unexpected Guest. Starring Angela Ferns and Emily Rae, recording live at The Horse and Stables.
Vikki brings us a live arts thing of the week. We discuss Adam Drivers Ted Talk and the brilliant work he is doing bringing theatre to American Marines in various places around the world.
Corey Hulls explains the different stages of a night out in his essay, “The Nine Stages of Drinking” and we discuss the ‘colourful’ TONY awards from last week and the huge success of musical ‘Hamilton’.



New Writing Night – March 2016 (Showcase Award Shortlist)

Bruised by Hannah Puddefoot

Directed by George Islay-Calderwood

Emma – Lisa Ronaghan

Mike – Dan Burman


Cailleach Og by Gerald Moynihan

Directed by Jo Greaves

Cailleach Óg – Jo Greaves

Màire Mí Dhomhnaill – Natasha Colenso


Maybe God is Michael by Karen Bartholomew

Directed by Stephen Bailey

Paul – Robert Daoust

Helen – Hilary Buss

Vicar – Koullis Kyriacou


Parents by Dan Weatherer

Directed by Tutku Barbaros

Gilly – Daniel Garcia

Tom – Tom Slatter

Steff – Abigail Morgan

Marianna – Natasha Colenso


The Unexpected Guest by Rosie Marsh

Directed by Ellie Pitkin

Hannah – Angela Ferns

Sally – Emily Rae


Photos by Richard Stratton.


Looking back at 2015

We’ve had a corker of a year, and as we settle down in front of the fire with a mulled wine in hand and snazzy christmas jumper firmly on, we thought we’d take you through the highlights…


The Blackshaw Arts Hour on Wandsworth Radio (fortnightly from Jan 2015)

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10-29th November 2015 – Staying Alive by Kat Roberts, at the Pleasance Islington

Published by Nick Hern Books.  Buy your copy here.
“explosive emotion…a strong cast…lively and full of wit…” West End Wilma


“Proof that given enough time, talent and perseverance, theatre that really says something about the human condition can be made.”
5-starsFemale Arts


“highly original, nuanced and enlightening…deeply observed social comedy…compelling from start to finish”
5-starsRemote Goat


“wonderfully human…a really powerful exploration of grief – honest and tender…”
four-star-rating-black-hiLondon Theatre 1

Read more here.


25th November 2015 – Blackshaw’s Scare Slam, at the Horse & Stables, Lambeth


Read more here.


4-5th July 2015 – Alice in Wonderland by Richard Stratton, at the British Home as part of the Streatham Festival


Read more here.


Sunday 7th June 2015 – Blackshaw’s 5th Birthday Party!


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2-16th May 2015 – Alice in Wonderland by Richard Stratton, at the Battersea Library
A sell-out run, as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe.
“…creative, imaginative and seemingly effortless style…The whole performance buzzed with energy, fun and joy.”
5-starsLondon Theatre 1


“The fun-filled show brims with chaos, madness and high jinks…the wild but classic tale of Alice in her fantastically retold Wonderland.” – A Younger Theatre


Read more here.

25th March, 17th May, 29th July, 30th September 2015 – New Writing Nights at the Horse & Stables, Lambeth




nwn_250415 2015-03-25 (14)

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9-14th March 2015 – Character by Florence Vincent, at the Tristan Bates Theatre
“a delightful theatre production on in Covent Garden. Funny, nostalgic, well acted 2 hander” – London Culture Blog


“a witty play…reminiscent of Ab Fab’s Edina and Saffy” – In & Around Covent Garden magazineSONY DSC

Read more here.


15th Jan 2015 – Staying Alive by Kat Roberts, at the Pleasance Islington 
One night only industry showcase – Winner of Blackshaw’s Showcase Award 2014.


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!


See you in 2016.


Ellie & the Team at Blackshaw


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The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 29

This week on the show Iasha is joined in the studio by Ellie and Matt who reviews The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 . Helen reviews ACS Random’s new production of The Knight From Nowhere/The Bells. It’s playing at The Park Theatre until the 19th of December.

We also heard an interview with Marcus Bazely, Rupert Sadler and Andrew Crane, some of the people involved in our upcoming production of Great Expectations. The first episode will be aired on the 3rd of January, so make sure you tune in!
To promote our excellent Scare Slam that happened a few weeks ago we heard a spooky story from our MC Duncan Gates. If you tune in to the next instalment of The Blackshaw Arts Hour you can hear the full live recording of the Slam, playing out live on the 20th of December and available to podcast here! 

The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 22

This week on the show, Matt, Alex and Iasha are in the studio with new wrting to play and lots of reviews.
First up Matt reviews the new pixar film Inside Out and we talk in the studio about what it takes to make us cry in films.

Next up is Alex talking about a new production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream that he is appearing in in a few weeks. The play is on at the Tea House theatre from the 10th – 12th of September and all the details can be found here.

We also played “Have You Seen Spiderman 2?” a piece of new writing we recording last year, written by Joe Banks and performed by Grace Felton and Smith Lowe.

Vikki came to us via pre-record to review some of the shows she saw a few weeks ago at the Edinburgh Fringe and then Helen Johnson reviewed the Cyphers Chekov double bill that was performed at The Proud Archivist a couple of weeks back.

Next up on the show was part 2 of The Whistling Room following up from the last Blackshaw Arts Hour where we left you halfway through an original Carnacki story read by our very own Matt Boothman.


Character 2015 – reviews

“See Character, a delightful theatre production on in Covent Garden. Funny, nostalgic, well acted 2 hander” – London Culture Blog

“Blackshaw put on an amazing & very funny play at Tristan Bates this evening. Well done director Ellie Pitkin!” – Thursday’s audience

“another brilliant show from Blackshaw, well worth a watch!“…”1 hour of dynamic duo Clare Harlow & Angela Ferns – so much fun” – Wednesday’s audience

“It was so enjoyable…really, really funny and then we had this this really sharp transition into quite poignant, thoughtful moments, which I thought was lovely…that laughter…I know it was acting, but it looked so truthful…it was an excellent play” – Tom from KCL Radio

Hear the full review/interview here.

“very enjoyable, funny & touching“…”Some great performances & fantastic writing” – Monday’s audience

a witty play…reminiscent of Ab Fab’s Edina and Saffy” – In & Around Covent Garden magazine

“A funny & warming look at friendship.”… “funny, tightly written & oh so relevant“…”Top notch! Poignant and hilarious” – Tuesday’s audience

The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 7

This week on the show we had a full house in the studio with regulars Iasha, Ellie, and Matt, and welcoming a new voice, Alexander Pankhurst.

Matt gave us his much anticipated 50 Shades of Grey review, and we heard poetry from Daisy Thurston-Gent.

Vikki told us about an upcoming exhibition by Mr Elbank at Somerset House in our regular Arts Thing of the Week segment. We spoke about free Arts in London and what new piece of art will be appearing on the Fourth Plinth this week.

In anticipation of our radio play Audience with the Ghostfinder, Matt, the writer, and Alexander, who plays lead character Carnacki, gave us background on the piece from its early stages, and also told us about the radio play recording process.

Next is our Character trailer and details of the ticket giveaway we are running. If you have a nickname with a funny backstory tweet us! @BlackshawUpdate!

Enjoy the show!