NEWS – lineup announced for Scare Slam at London Horror Festival, 17th Oct, 9.30pm




The following acts are going to be strutting their scary stuff at the Scare Slam on 17th October.


Book now to avoid disappointment!


Tickets only £7/5


Lucy’s Tea Party by Molly Beth Morossa

Chug Life by Dave Bibby

The Dewey Ones by Ben Whitehead

The Flat Upstairs by Paul Joseph

Skag n’ Bone Man by Stack 10 Theatre

At The Edge by Ed Bailey

The Haunt by Stack 10 Theatre



The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 49

This week on the podcast, Matt reviews Hunt for the Wilderpeople, starring Sam Neil and Julian Dennison.

Our arts thing this week is The Emmy’s and we talk about the winners and the various performances that occurred this year.
We hear from Richard Stratton at Blackshaws first ever Scare Slam, telling us about spooky things that keep happening to him. We’re getting ready for our upcoming Scare Slam as a part of the London Horror festival, so if you liked Richard’s story then come along to the Old Red Lion on October the 17th.
We also played a piece of new writing from our most recent New Writing Night at the Hen and Chickens, entitled Eyes.

The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 48

This week on the show, we delve back into a retro film review and talk about Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice.

Matt wraps up his Edinburgh experience and Iasha went and saw The Book of Mormon this week.
Blackshaw is involved in the Horror Festival this year and we’re doing a transfer of Black Shuck and also staging another one night only Scare Slam. All the information is on our website, and we hope to see you at a show!
To take us out to the end of the show, Ellie takes us through all the movies she’s been to see during the course of her Summer renovations.

The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 47

This week, Vikki, Iasha and Alex are joined by a guest and Blackshaw Arts Hour virgin, Dave Turnball.

With Matt in Edinburgh and no one wanting to fill his review shoes, we hear a retro movie review of Labyrinth featuring the late great David Bowie.

After talking Suicide Squad last show and becoming frustrated with the Jared Leto ‘method’ acting marketing circus, Vikki dives into a method acting Arts Thing of the Week with some added history provided from Alex and his theatre studies degree.

Matt’s in Edinburgh, but we’ve still got him working. We hear from him and a few of the shows he’s seen along with friend and reviewer Amy Yorston.

To take us to the end of the show, we heard a New Writing Night piece called Trim, written by James Barry, directed by Ellie Pitkin and performed by Charlotte Worthing

Join us next week for the return of Matt and an overview of Edinburgh 2016!


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The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 46

This week Matt, Ellie and Iasha are bring you The Blackshaw Arts Hour.

Matt reviews Suicide Squad, and it doesn’t live up to expectations. We hear fresh new poetry from our friend Owen Collins live from our new, New Writing night venue The Hen and Chickens in Islington.

And then, back by popular demand, it’s Part 2 of Edinburgh Fringe roulette. Going to Edinburgh? Don’t know what to see, join us in finding the weird and wonderful in the depths of the Edinburgh Fringe Roulette.

Tune in next week to hear Matt reporting live from INSIDE Edinburgh


The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 45

This week on the podcast, Matt brings us his review of Ghostbusters, a re-boot of the 1984 original.

We hear an interview with Stage Manager  and friend of Blackshaw Lizzie Cooper. Lizzie talks to Ellie about how she ended up working in the industry, the shows she’s worked on recently and some of the weird and wonderful props she’s had to source.

Matt and Iasha talk about some of the recent theatre they have seen in London, including two shows at The National (The Plough and the Stars and The Deep Blue Sea) and West End Musical, Matilda. Also, back by popular demand, we play Edinburgh Roulette for the second time on The Blackshaw Arts Hour.


New Writing Night – July 2016

Our first New Writing Night at the lovely Hen & Chickens – thanks for having us!


Saved by the Diddymen by Michael Staniforth

Directed by Stephen Bailey

Bob – Jonathan Curry

John – Tony Parkin


A selection of poetry written and performed by Owen Collins


Bunker by Agustina Figueras

Directed by Catherine Lord

Greta – Jess Reed

Brauen – Joe Riley


Little England by Rabiah Hussain

Directed by Chris Davis

Faraz – Theodor Spiridon

Michael – Dan Richards


The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 43

This week on The Blackshaw Arts Hour, Matt, Ellie and Iasha are in the studio talking about Independence Day 2: Resurgence and playing a new Edinburgh Fringe game.

Flicking through the program live on air we give you tips and information about the various show that are happening this year.
We heard an interview with Tom Weston-Jones and Iasha talked about being on stage at a comedy gig at the Soho theatre. Tune in next week for a replay of out first ever Scare Slam, recorded live at the Horse & Stables in Lambeth.

The Blackshaw Arts Hour – Episode 42

This week on The Blackshaw Arts Hour, Iasha is joined by Matt and Vikki in the studio.

Matt review The Nice Guys starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling and we discuss what other movies are out there where the lead characters don’t actually “learn anything”.
We here a piece of new writing by Rosie Marsh called An Unexpected Guest. Starring Angela Ferns and Emily Rae, recording live at The Horse and Stables.
Vikki brings us a live arts thing of the week. We discuss Adam Drivers Ted Talk and the brilliant work he is doing bringing theatre to American Marines in various places around the world.
Corey Hulls explains the different stages of a night out in his essay, “The Nine Stages of Drinking” and we discuss the ‘colourful’ TONY awards from last week and the huge success of musical ‘Hamilton’.